USPlanet had a 3-day workshop at MCIIE IIT(BHU) from 6th November to 8th November 2017, along with the cooperation of Rosehub, with the students of scholars Public School of Chandauli. The fun and learning in the “Hands-on Science and Maths” Workshop was a great experience for us and the children.

The children ranged from class 9th to class 12th.They were taught about all round possibilities that could affect them in person and help them become a curious and creative youth of tomorrow, who might create the better world with their unique ideas.

Students learned about many things around the workshop, which included;

Workshop Video


Exceptional possibilities of Tangram.

Children created beautiful designs and got a chance for emerging creativity and designs. The 7 piece set of tangram is a complete package of science, maths, and art that tickles the nerves of every child. That has resulted in a great manner in our workshop.

Mind Blogging Magic Tricks

Uprising Magician and Trickster Priyash Pathak presented some of his tricks on the second shift of the first day, that was overwhelming and exciting. The art of playing with numbers and tricks of playing with cards astonished the children and the teachers.

Origami cranes and science of it

They learned about the tips and toes of origami cranes and along with that, they discovered themselves the amazing geometry and the mesmerizing story behind it. The paper cranes were later used to decorate the memorial of  Pt Madan Mohan Malviya.

Possibilities with Gardening

The fellow Entrepreneur of Garden’s on Concrete, Abhishek, showed the children about the real ugly face of pollution and the possibilities to fight with it and creating a better world with natural techniques and emerging possibilities.


Science out of scraps

Students learned about the possibilities of scientific experiments out of junks. And created water sprinklers and many other miniature articles. They also got the real science behind the maglev trains and created the demonstration behind them.

Jigyasa a science event by students of IIT (BHU)

Educational Tours to Manmandir Ghat

The students paid a visit to the Manmandir Ghat that is a souvenir of ancient Indian Observatory, where they got to know about all the classic science about times and calendars.

Most Importantly, Lots of fun.


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