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In the span of two years USP educational resources turned out to be a house hold name for promoting education. Founded in 2014-15 (under Govt of India LLP Act 2008),the company has already reached to 5000+ students/families in 2014-15 and then 15000 + students /families in 2015-16 .USP awarded 3 lacks+ scholarship to 111 students in 2014-15 an 6.5 lacks to 333 students in 2015-16.
Continuing the process of economic supports to the students and to go hand in hand with partners and schools building foundations, USP launches its 2016-17 scholarship model. To reach out maximum number of students and making the process more streamlined and less disturbing to school schedules like every session USP is making significant changes in this year’s scholarship test model.
Bullets of 2016 -17 Scholarship test
Test is for Std. IV to Std. X students.
Std. IV to Std X is clubbed in three categories.
*Category 1: Std. IV and V
* Category 2: Std VI, VII &VIII
*Category 3 : Std IX & X
The scholarship awards will be given at three levels.
School Toppers* : Three toppers from each school.
District toppers ** : 99 toppers from each district.
USP Scholars: 60 toppers from all the district.
The total number of awards for 2016-17 is difficult to calculate but based on 2015-16 data USP foresee to give.
300 schools =300 x 3 = 900 school toppers awards
4 district = 99 x 4 = 396 district toppers scholarship.
60 USP scholars.
It shows total awards 900 + 396 + 60 = 1396 awards.
The number 1360 is just a calculation based on 16000 enrollments. The number of awards may reciprocate (increase/decrease) based on number of enrollment 2016-17 session
*school topper award will be given if at least one of the categories has 25 enrollments or at least a total of 60 enrollments from school.
** to have a good competitive environment the USP decides to maintain a ratio of 40:1:: number of enrollment: awards.

The scholarship test of single phase only.
All the enrolled students will sit for the test ,the school toppers and the district toppers will be decided based on the performance in the test .only top five from each category and each district will be qualified for USP SCHOLAR’s TEST .All the participants of the USP SCHOLAR’s test will be awarded with medal and certificates of ULTIMATE SCHOLARS. Top 6 (two from each category ) will be awarded with monitory award and other prerequisites.**
**The ULTIMATE SCHOLAR’S Test will be held at one date and one location. If number of enrollment in each category varies significantly the number of awards will be given reciprocating to the number of enrollments in each category.