School Children

Scholarship program:
We developed USP Scholarship program not to give scholarship only but to boost the confidence as well. The real Scholarship is to make them learn the new era of examination through OMR tests ,online tests before hand and make them more efficient and time bound for higher level of Competitive exams.

Open Book Drawing /painting tests:
Some of the students are very creative but they need time and their own frame of mind to show their hidden talent that’s why USP educational resources started the open book DRAWING/ESSAY tests where student gets ample time for drawing/ sketching/painting/creative writing /content writing whenever he feels, with the help of Internet, parents, teacher and siblings which additionally provide the bonding and interest with in the family with better learning experience for all.

Workshop /Seminar:
USP educational resources believes education should not only be given to earn money or a job, education should be imparted for awareness and empowerment to make a young and curious mind to do better as per his logics and knowledge apart from earning money. USP Workshop/Seminars are comprehensively designed for primary/secondary level students . Scope of our workshops varies from environmental aspect to motivational input, from soft skills to imparting work and personal ethics to make them responsible for the society.

Educational tours:
The new ways of learning is not only about gaining knowledge from the books but also perception acquired through different institutions, activities and places . USP educational resources have designed educational tours for the students to make them learn various aspects of society, technology and arts from the beginning. We believe the practical knowledge should go along with philosophical and general knowledge.
Teacher’s placement
To give quality education to a student is prime responsibility for any educational institute, for that every school needs top class faculty.USP educational resources provide teachers consultancy in the rural areas as well.

Online career guidance:
At junior level career counseling is not much emphasizing , but students should be well aware of career paths they have to choose based on their interest not on their grades, which is of prime importance now a days.USP educational resources provides career paths and information for more than fifty conventional and non conventional careers.
Online mock test portal
In the age of learning and knowledge sharing one should always be tested for his performance. USP educational resources have comprehensive set of question with the patterns followed by competitive exams to assess the knowledge and ranking at the state level.

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