The USP envisages to provide a common platform for all the students irrespective of their economic and social class. To foster the skills and knowledge through continuous assessments . To build up confidence in kids before they reach in competitive environment at national forum. To encourage through various awards and certificate of honor. To make students adaptive of computer based learning and good usage of internet.

We believe every student is gifted with caliber and confidence. The responsibility of society is to mentor the young minds to achieve what they are really made for.
Education is utmost priority for any civilized society but unfortunately in India everyone is concerned about higher education where as focus should be on primary level instead. The values and awareness being add on to students either by school, parents or any other platforms at primary level is what makes that young mind a responsible citizen for future.
USP Educational Resources is inclined to work for students in rural and semi urban area where people are least aware about education and its importance due to poverty and lack of resources.
We focus on primary level education and welfare of the students through our various programs. To compete with their counterparts blessed with better infrastructure and resources, one need to have the confidence and advance level knowledge, that’s where USP educational resources fits in.