Creating an impact since 2014, we work in a singular motive, Empowering Children. And in order to make it possible we work day and night to make several plans in order to connect with more and more children and provide them with the brightest face of learning to become a great person in the future world, and pulling the country straight to the peak. And making it real was only possible with the implementation of these plans.

We are certified under Government of India Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008, and we already connected with more than 5,000 children by the end of our first year. Now we are connected with more than 15,000 children and families expanding our wings.

We also run, a Scholarship Program, under which, we have already given away about Rs 3, 00,000 by 2015, and about Rs 6, 50,000 to 333 students by the past year.

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